The Society for International Space Cooperation

The society for international space cooperation is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization whose sole purpose is to foster cooperation education and exchange among the countries of the world in the areas related to scientific advancement and the international exploration of space the society is dedicated to the idea that if there is to be future exploration of space we must all work together as one world to make it happen

Space Activities and Curriulum

Space themed activities and curriculum to make learning science and engineering fun.

Space Hackathons

2-3 day events for high school and college students to innovate solutions for space exploration challenges.

Crowdsource to Mars

An online platform allowing everyone in the world to participate in the design and development of mission profiles and components for a human mission to Mars


An international student intern/apprenticeship program for the next generation of space professionals to interact with their counterparts around the world.

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About Us

Who we are

We are a growing private nonprofit space interest group formed in 1997. We are composed of current and former astronauts, cosmonauts, scientists, artisans, educators, students, and members of the general public from all over the world with an interest in ensuring future space exploration

Why now?

We have progressed to a time when technology is no longer the major obstacle to space exploration it is the political decisions and cost issues that will drive any future space ventures by promoting international cooperation in space we not only lower the costs for individual nations but go a long way towards promoting international understanding and a peaceful future

Our Motto: Let's Go!

The famous words of the first human to enter space Yuri Gagarin as he sat inside of his spacecraft waiting to begin the trip that would signal the beginning of the space age like him we are tired of the debating the bickering the delays and excuses if there is to be future exploration of space we must begin taking concrete steps now and get on with pursuing humanity's natural instinct for exploration

How to make a difference

If you would like to help make our goals real please consider becoming a member and volunteering your help.


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Our Partners

Current and Past Directors & Advisors

James Cameron

Film Producer, Director, Writer

Michael Slage

Entrepreneur and Educator

Alexander Serebrov

Former Cosmonaut, Space Advisor to Office of the President, Russian Government, President VAKO/Soyuz

Ralf Huber

Head of the Washington Office German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Dr. Lawrence DeLucas

Former U.S. Astronaut, Current Director, Center for Macromolecular Crystallography, University of Alabama

Kenneth Mitchell

Ast, Aerospace Flight Systems NASA Marshall SFC

John Logsdon

Director, Space Policy Institute George Washington University

Bobbie Faye Ferguson

Director of Multimedia Affairs, NASA Headquarters

NASA Alumni League

Over 800 former NASA Astronauts, Directors, and Employees

Francisco Anguita

Centro de Astrobiologia, Spain

Vincent Sabati

Space Attache, CNES Representative Embassy of France, U.S.A.

Makoto Kajii

U.S. Representative, Space Agency of Japan

Joao Vaz

President, Brazsat

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